Meet our staff

Below is a list of the staff at St. Botolph’s C of E Primary School as of September 2020.

Staff Name Role
Mrs Amy Chitty Head Teacher
Mr Conor Govey Assistant Head
Mrs Janet Harding Assistant Head/Inclusions Manager/SENCO


Phase Leaders Phase
Mrs Samantha Shaw Phase 1 (EYFS and Year 1)
Mrs Lynda Pollard Phase 2 (Years 2, 3 and 4)
Miss Roxan Montgomery Phase 3 (Years 5 and 6)
Teaching Staff Class
Mrs Raminder Mann Year 6 Willow
Miss Roxan Montgomery Year 6 Yew
Mrs Meriemu Uraih Year 5 Chestnut
Mr Aman Gill Year 5 Elm
Mr Conor Govey/Mr Simon Stanton Year 5 Chestnut
Miss Jordan Burns Year 4 Oak
Mrs Alison Webzell Year 4 Juniper
Mrs Lynda Pollard Year 3 Hazel
Mr Paul Burton Year 3 Maple
Mrs Charlotte Ingram Year 2 Cherry
Mrs Gurpaul Atwal Year 2 Magnolia
Miss Rebecca Filkins Year 1 Cedar
Mrs Amanda Ringer Year 1 Palm
Mrs Samantha Shaw Reception Ash
Miss Kara Hicks Reception Beech
Mrs Gillian Horsler Teacher
Mrs Aileen Parish Teacher
Mr Sanj Atwal PE
Mr Manu Cave French
Mrs Karen Riches Music


Higher Level Teaching Assistants
Mrs Kerrie Basra
Mrs Karina Fidge
Miss Vicky Flynn
Mrs Charlotte Mahoney
Mrs Kerry Simpson
Mrs Sam Street
Teaching Assistants
Miss Jessica Chitty
Mrs Cilia De Freitas
Miss Ozannie Edwards
Mr Jamie Graham
Mrs Fran Hall
Miss Lucy Harris
Miss Amy Hawkins
Mrs Susan Jeal
Miss Jade Keepin
Mrs Anita Marwah
Mrs Yvonne Oakey
Mrs Claire Pavey
Mrs Marie Reed
Mr Gurvinder Sandhu
Miss Ally Webb


Associate Teachers
Miss Libby White (Year 1 Palm)
Miss Katherine Hazel (Year 3 Hazel))
Mr Sam Lillie (Year 5 Chestnut)
Administrative Staff Role
Mrs Kim Barton Office Manager
Mrs Surinder Benning Finance Manager
Miss Hannah Chitty Office Assistant
Mrs Emma Hrabe Administrative Assistant
Premises Staff Role
Mr Paul Read Site Manager
Mr Andrew Amor Assistant Site Manager
Midday Supervisors
Mrs Stephanie Day
Mrs Esther Hext
Miss Alison Vilday
Breakfast Club Leaders
Mrs Karina Fidge
Miss Amy Hawkins
Mrs Anita Marwah
St Bot’s Club Leaders
Mrs Karina Fidge
Miss Amy Hawkins
Mrs Charlotte Mahoney
Mrs Marie Reed
Mrs Sam Street