School Dinners

Welcome to our new menu which I hope you feel your child will enjoy. We have planned the menu in consultation with your child’s school and our catering team and have included many of the children’s favourite dishes plus some new ones as well.

A hot tasty meal at lunchtime is even more welcome in the winter months and the children will also benefit from the nutritionally balanced menu which gives them energy and the nutrients they need to grow and keep fit. Homemade bread and a help yourself salad cart are also offered every day. Lots of things you may not realise about our school lunches;

Did you know that we use small local suppliers for our meat and greengrocery goods because we believe that it is important to support local companies who in turn supply us with the excellent produce?

Did you know that our butcher makes our beef burgers and sausages so you can be confident that they only contain the highest quality ingredients?

Your child could be missing out, why not give school dinners a try.

The introduction of ‘Universal Free School Meals’ means all Infant children KS1 are entitled to a free school lunch.

Please pay for your school meals via School Gateway.

Yours sincerely

Gill Russell
Contract Manager

Total Catering Solutions Ltd