Design Technology

“During our DT lessons, we aim to inspire creative and resourceful product designers who can solve real and relative problems whilst developing an understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world.”

Mr Gill (Design and Technology Lead)


The Design and Technology subject prepares children to deal with tomorrow’s ever-changing world. It allows for children to become independent, creative problem solvers and thinkers – both as individuals and as part of as team.

Through the study of Design and Technology, children will have the ability to combine knowledge with practical skills. This in turn will help to develop an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, as well as an understanding of function and industry. This allows children to reflect and evaluate on past and present technology, its uses and impacts.

The Big Ideas

Within the DT curriculum, we focus on 8 big ideas:

Creativity: children will learn how to generate ideas, select and discover structures and use ICT to both plan and monitor variables.

Investigation: children use investigation skills to explore and select appropriate tools and also evaluate the products they have produced.

Nature: children will learn the various aspects of food preparation and cooking, develop an understanding of nutrition and broaden their understanding of the origin of food.

Materials: children choose materials for purpose, based on components, range and characteristics.

Processes: children use electricity to gather an understanding of its different components and use a number of mechanisms and movements in relation to a product.

Comparison: children learn the importance of compare and contrast, how products are assessed, viewed and improved.

Humankind: children broaden their knowledge and understanding of everyday products and the importance of staying safe when constructing and using those products.

Significance: children will learn about significant people such as designers and inventors and their impact on the wider world.

National Curriculum Coverage

At St Botolph’s, children will be introduced to a variety of different aspects of Design and Technology; with the aim to develop their creative, technical and practical expertise in need to perform confidently and to be able to successfully participate in an increasingly technological world. Children will also build and apply the knowledge, skills and understanding required to design and create high-quality products for a wide range of users. Furthermore, children will critique, evaluate and test their ideas and the work of others. Also, children will understand and apply the principles of nutrition and learn how to cook.

Each lesson planned is designed for a specific year group, which builds on previous learning and ensures progression in both skills, understanding and knowledge throughout the school. Download our ‘Curriculum Coverage’ document if you wish to find out about the objectives covered in a specific year group


Skills and knowledge within the curriculum are separated into ‘milestones’. Each Milestone contains a range of descriptors that support the children’s progression within the subject. Download our ‘Milestones’ document to see the skills expected within each milestone.