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National Poetry Day 2021

National Poetry Day 2021 was held on the 7th October. It is a UK-wide celebration of poetry, with this year’s theme being Choice. 

Throughout the day, our children listened to, read, shared and performed a variety of poems. They also had the chance to create their own poems inspired by the theme of Choice. 

Year 1 Cedar performing their Space poem

Year 2 Magnolia preparing to perform their poetry

Year 4 Juniper – A team performance!

Year 4 Oak created poems entitled Snow or rain? and What shall I do? They also had the opportunity to write an acrostic MOOD poem.

Year 5 Spruce – group performances

Choice poems created by the pupils of Year 5 Chestnut.

Year 6 Yew collaborating to create and perform their poems.

Choice poems and videos by Year 6 Willow.

IMG_2326 IMG_2315 IMG_2312