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Our new BioDome is complete!

The BioDome System is a very strong, elegant geodesic dome (dome-shaped greenhouse) that houses a closed-loop, self-maintaining (self-watering and self-regulating) ecosystem. It has an inbuilt thermostatic fan system and water pump, all of which is powered by an integrated solar panel.

At approx. 20ft (6m) in diameter and 13ft (4m) in height, the structure is quite the feat of engineering!

The frame is made from fully recyclable UPVC cladding and framing (the same as used to build conservatories) and a clear polycarbonate cover that is 120x tougher than glass, meaning it will not be broken by footballs, stones, or vandalism.

It can hold approximately 30 people and is fully wheelchair accessible.

Inside, the BioDome is fitted out with a hydroponic irrigation system, internal grow beds, solar panel, water storage tanks and self-regulating thermostatic fans. It maintains a higher-than-normal temperature that extends the growing period and enables a wider variety of plants to be grown and a larger volume of produce to be harvested. The plants are watered using an automatic hydroponic system and planted in a specially designed growing system, removing the need for daily watering, weeding, and digging.