2021/22 Archive

Term 1 Memorable experiences

Our classes have been busy taking part in memorable experiences to immerse them into their topics for this term.

Year 1 – Space Rocket Crash

When we arrived at school today, we were told of an incident that had occurred on our school field earlier in the morning.  We went outside to see.  We found a space rocket had crashed and made a huge mess. After further investigation, we found footprints and lots of yellow slime.  We heard that Mrs Hrabe had witnessed something when she was walking her dog  so we asked her to share what she had seen.

Year 2 – Pirate Day 

To introduce our Land Ahoy topic, we dressed as pirates and were given pirate names. We also made treasure maps, sang sea shanties and played games. In Art, we made pirate friends using lolly sticks. Then we took part in a pirate treasure hunt around the school.

Year 3 – Senses Experience 

We used our senses to experience different fruits. We felt them for texture, smelt them for scent and tasted for flavour. Then, we had to try our best to describe them.

Year 4 – Roman Day 

For our memorable experience, Year 4 took part in a Roman Workshop which was led by ‘The Living History Workshop’ company. We had a wonderful time learning all about Roman life. First, we learnt about Roman battle formations, armour and weapons. Then, we learnt about Roman games, artefacts, money, and even went to Gladiator school to experience what it would have been like to be a gladiator. As part of the experience, we made our own Roman lucky charm from pewter and inscribed our names which we then could take home. To finish off our day, we performed a play in our own amphitheatre.

Year 5 – Planetarium Experience 

Year 5 had a visit from the Astronomy Roadshow Planetarium which was a mobile dome where all children were able to visually see space.  We were able to look up, see the planets, sun, constellations and learnt a range of facts which helped to capture our imagination and inspire our learning.

Year 6 – Evacuation Day

Year 6 discovered they were to be evacuated and, after taping up the windows and hiding under the desks when the air raid siren sounded, they were given their new identities, walked to the station and dropped off at their new homes. They also had a special visitor who kindly told us all about his WW2 jeep.