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Year 5 trip to Canterbury Cathedral

On Tuesday 23rd April, Year 4 took a trip to Canterbury Cathedral to support our learning of the Anglo-Saxons. Taking the train from Ebbsfleet, we arrived at Canterbury and took a walk through the high street to get to the beautiful Cathedral. Whilst we were there, we took part in a range of activities, including being archaeologists and predicting what different artefacts that were found in the grounds of the Cathedral could be, writing in Viking runes with a quill and ink, chiseling a piece of stone and creating our own stained-glass windows. We also took part in a costume trail where we dressed up as different people from the past (Bishop, Queen, King, Village people for example), and we  were guided through the Cathedral as our person from the past. We also sat and admired the Cathedral and completed observational drawings.

A fantastic day was had and we learnt and retrieved lots of knowledge about the Anglo Saxons.