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Eco School

Our Eco School is led by Mr Stanton (Forest School and DT Leader).

We have had some exciting work through our Eco School this year already including the completion of our new BioDome 🌿

Standing at approximately 4 metres in height and 6 metres in diameter, the BioDome System is a very strong, elegant geodesic dome (dome-shaped greenhouse) that houses a self-watering and self-regulating ecosystem. It has an inbuilt thermostatic fan system and water pump, all of which is powered by an integrated solar panel. It can hold approximately 30 people and is fully wheelchair accessible.
Inside, the BioDome is fitted out with a hydroponic irrigation system meaning the plants are watered automatically and planted in a specially designed growing system, removing the need for daily watering, weeding, and digging.
We can’t wait for the pupils to begin planting and establishing our very own Eden Project!


In addition, our school has made the decision to work towards Eco-Schools Green Flag accreditation.

With the world beginning to experience the effects of climate change; different species of plant and animals becoming extinct every day; and micro-plastics being found in the most remote locations on Earth – now is the time to educate future generations about the impact of our actions on the planet we call home.

The Eco-Schools programme does this through providing a simple, seven-step framework that has been designed to raise awareness of environmental issues, whilst empowering young people to lead on environmental actions and projects in their schools and communities.

Please see the links and recent updates for the work that our pupils are doing to make a positive difference in our school and local community.