“Within Geography lessons we aim to inspire a curiosity of the ever-changing world whilst developing an understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes.”

Miss Filkins – Geography Lead


At St Botolph’s, we encourage children to ask and begin to answer geographical questions and want to encourage a love of learning about the world around them. Geography allows children to gain knowledge about different cultures and traditions as well as an understanding of other people and their environments.

Geography is a cross-curricular subject that provides children with fantastic learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

In an ever-changing world the children can begin to consider the impact that they can have on their own future.  Geography can empower and allow children to become better local and global citizens.

The Big Ideas

Within the Geography curriculum, we focus on 6 big ideas:

Place: children will learn to name and locate places within the UK, Europe, and the world. They will learn to read maps and find key features and begin to describe patterns.

Comparison: children will learn to describe and compare both physical and human features across the world.

Processes: children begin to explain climatic variations, use geographical terminology and learn about the physical processes involved with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the water cycle.

Nature: children will be able to identify and describe key physical and human features.

Investigation: children will investigate, analyse and collect information about the world around them, they will present information and begin to draw their own conclusions.

Significance: children will be able to name, locate and explain significant human and physical features around the world.

National Curriculum Coverage

Whilst at St Botolph’s children will learn to name and locate countries, to understand similarities and differences in physical and human features, be able to use subject specific vocabulary and conduct their own fieldwork.


Skills and knowledge within the curriculum are separated into ‘milestones’. Each Milestone contains a range of descriptors that support the children’s progression within the subject. Download our ‘Milestones’ document to see the skills expected within each milestone.