School Council

We use the British value of democracy to elect the St. Botolph’s school council which comprises of a representative from every class in Year 1 to Year 5. Anyone is allowed to stand as councillor but they have to prepare a speech which they present to their peers to explain how they would represent their class. These pupils are elected by their peers to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. The School Council representatives from Year 6 are our Head’s team who are chosen at the beginning of the school year. Pupils must write a letter of application to the Head Teacher to be considered for this important role.

The aim of the School Council is to:

  • Give children a voice and contribution to improving the school.
  • Provide an opportunity for children to have an active part in how the school is run.
  • Improve our school for everyone.
  • Work and learn together
  • Develop all children’s understanding of democracy within the UK.

The School Council meet fortnightly to discuss any matters raised by our classes through their representatives and then we discuss, plan and carry out any actions that are needed for events that we are arranging.

One of our actions this year has been to work with the kitchen staff on our school dinner menu. We discussed all possible options that we thought that children would like to see on the menu and then every child was given the opportunity to vote on what meals they would eat if they were available. We then took the results to our school cooks, who are now planning a new menu using the results of our poll.

Our school council also participates in events and meetings within our Trust Pupil Voice group which meets bi-monthly to discuss ideas that all schools within our trust can participate in. For Anti-bullying week this year, every school within our trust produced a short presentation on what bullying is and how they deal with bullying if it occurs in their school. The Trust Media team then put together a video which was shared with everyone in every one of our Trust schools so pupils recognise how we are united against bullying.

As part of our Trust pupil voice, we plan charity events. The charity is voted for by everyone in the group with the events taking place across all schools. The money raised is then put together and given to our charity by our Pupil Voice team.


Leading Lights

Leading Lights is a group of year 6 children (with year 5 joining us from term 4 for succession) who meet every week to explore what worship means to us and others; engage with worship in the school; respond to our own thoughts on worship and reflect practically on what we have learnt. We work together to ensure worship is a core part of school life by involving ourselves with what happens during each collective worship. We also work on ongoing projects such as our current focus to create a St Botolph’s Reflection Garden. Being a member of the Leading Lights is a responsibility. To become a member, children must complete an application form. Once selected, the children work towards achieving their bronze, silver and gold cross for their participation, organising and leading of worship. They have actions that they need to complete to show their leadership skills.

For every worship, Leading Lights are responsible for:

  • setting up,
  • the greeting and sending for each worship,
  • lighting of candles that have been brought into worship and ensuring they are returned once cooled to their correct classroom,
  • reading prayers
  • keeping a record of the focus and learning of every worship.

Our Leading Lights will also liaise with the staff who are leading Phase Worship, preparing for any readings that may need to be read as well as rehearsing any dramatisations if necessary.

As part of the meetings, the children work at achieving their bronze, silver and gold cross for their participation, organising and leading of worship. They have actions that they need to complete to show their leadership skills.


Trust Student Voice

At Aletheia Academies Trust, we understand the importance of getting all pupils involved in the direction of the schools and how students can be an instrument to affect positive change in our school communities. Each term, school councils from each school meet to share individual school successes and projects, plan what they want to achieve in Student Voice for next year and ways to ensure the group is feeding into the Trust to have an impact on its overall development.

To find out more about our Student Voice, please visit the Trust website here