Physical Education

“Through the physical activities that we provide at our school, we want to inspire physically confident individuals who uphold values such as fairness and respect and are motivated to lead healthy, active lives.”

Miss Hicks (PE Lead)


We at St Botolph’s believe that physical activity not only improves health, enhances concentration and reduces stress but also promotes correct physical growth and development.  Exercise has a positive influence on academic achievement, emotional stability and social skills.

Through sport and other physical activities our children will learn about their responsibilities both as individuals and members of groups and teams. They will learn to cooperate and to compete fairly, understanding their own and other’s roles.

The Big Ideas

Within the PE curriculum, we focus on 4 big ideas:

Processes: children develop movement, coordination and control and learn tactics for attacking and defending during competitive team games.

Nature: children will learn to respond positively to challenges, apply strategies to solve problems and listen to others to become a good team player.

Creativity: children will reflect on their own and other’s performance to make improvements.

Investigation: children will estimate and explore changes in performance over time.

National Curriculum Coverage

During their time at St Botolph’s, children will develop fundamental movement skills and access a broad range of opportunities to extend their physical abilities. They will be introduced to a variety of competitive sports, including basketball, cricket, dodgeball, football, handball, hockey, netball, rounders and tennis. They will develop their balance, control, flexibility, strength and technique through athletics, dance and gymnastics.  Due to our proximity to Cygnets Leisure Centre, our children enjoy walking to their swimming lessons in Year 2, 3 and 4. They learn to swim confidently, competently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres using a range of strokes.  Download the ‘Curriculum Coverage’ document below if you wish to find out about the objectives covered in a specific year group.


Skills and knowledge within the curriculum are separated into ‘milestones’. Each Milestone contains a range of descriptors that support the children’s progression within the subject. Download the ‘Milestones’document to see the skills expected within each milestone.