The Governing Body has the responsibility for the effective running of the school, with powers conferred on it by the Secretary of State for Education, together with those powers granted to it as a Church of England Aided School.  It is responsible for:

  • the appointment of staff;
  • the implementation of the National Curriculum;
  • the financial management of the school;
  • the admission of pupils;
  • the control of buildings and land;
  • the overall policy of the school (in consultation with the Head Teacher).

Regular meetings of the full Governing Body are held to discuss all matters relating to the school.  The composition of the Governing Body is made up of Foundation Governors, Parent Governors, Staff Governors and the Head Teacher.

Interim Chair Expiry of Term
David Rosenthal 14th July 2019


Interim Vice Chair
Fr Michael Payne


Elected Parents

Name Expiry of Term
Michelle Woodham 13th July 2020


Staff Governors

Name Expiry of Term
Amy Chitty N/A
Lynda Pollard N/A
Justine Roddan N/A

Foundation governors Appointed by the Bishop of Rochester

Name Expiry of Term
Joe King 14th July 2019
Nicholas Richmond 14th July 2019


Foundation governors

Name Expiry of Term
Penny Scott-Beaulieu 26th November 2017
Darren Smith 24th September 2018
Fr Lawrence Smith N/A
Anne Southgate 11th February 2019


Register of business Interests

Clerk to Governors
Kim Barton –