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Trust Speaking Competition winners trip

Trust Speaking Competition Winners’ Visit to the Houses of Parliament

On Friday 17th May, the winners of the Trust Speaking Competition were taken on an exciting trip to London, to visit the Houses of Parliament. Here is a summary of the day by our winner, Zenith:

“First Mrs Jeal and I walked to the station and met up with Mr Oldershaw. After that I got paired with a girl from Horton Kirby. We took the first train to St Pancras, then we walked to Kings Cross. We took the Victoria Line to Victoria then the District Line to Westminster. As soon as we got there, a man named Jordan Meade came outside and took us to the place King Charles I got his head chopped off. He took us inside the House of Lords and brought us to a room which was where we met Lord Waverly. He got me to sit in the top seat! Lord Waverly told us about some royalty things and after that, we all took turns to ask him questions. Mr Oldershaw asked me if I would like to do a bit of my speech, so I did. Lord Waverly really liked it. We spent a couple of minutes getting to know him. Did you know that Lord Waverly’s Grandfather had worked for Winston Churchill! We said our goodbyes and took a couple of pictures with him. I got his signature!

We went down and I filled my bottle with House of Parliament water! We went to the lobby and stood where a lot of famous people did their speech, like Nelson Mandela, King Charles I and III and Queen Elizabether I and II.

Eventually, we went out to eat in a park quite close. After, we set off to go back to Gravesend. At St Pancras, Mr Oldershaw did a memory quiz, staff vs pupils, and the pupils won!

I really enjoyed the trip.”