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Heads of School

Head Teacher
Mrs A Chitty

Assistant Head
Mr Conor Govey

Assistant Head/Inclusions Manager
Mrs J Harding


Mrs S Shaw
Phase 1 Leader (YR/1)

Mrs L Pollard
Phase 2 Leader (Y2/3/4)

Miss R Montgomery
Phase 3 Leader (Y5/6)

Teaching Staff

Mrs S Shaw
Reception Ash

Mrs A Ringer
Reception Ash

Miss K Hicks
Reception Beech

Miss R Filkins
Year 1 Cedar

Mrs A Parish
Year 1 Palm

Miss L White
Year 1 Palm (Assoc. Teacher)

Mrs C Ingram
Year 2 Cherry

Mrs G Atwal
Year 2 Magnolia

Mrs L Pollard
Year 3 Hazel

Miss K Hazel
Year 3 Hazel (Assoc. Teacher)

Mr P Burton
Year 3 Maple

Mrs A Webzell
Year 4 Juniper

Miss J Burns
Year 4 Oak

Mrs M Uraih
Year 5 Chestnut

Mr A Gill
Year 5 Elm

Mr C Govey
Year 5 Spruce

Mr S Stanton
Year 5 Spruce

Mrs R Mann
Year 6 Willow

Miss R Montgomery
Year 6 Yew

Mr S Atwal

Mrs G Horsler

Mr E Cave

Mrs K Riches

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs K Basra

Mrs K Fidge

Miss V Flynn

Mrs C Mahoney

Mrs K Simpson

Mrs S Street

Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Bratch

Miss J Chitty

Mr D Clarke

Miss O Edwards

Mrs F Hall

Miss L Harris

Miss A Hawkins

Mrs S Jeal

Miss J Keepin

Mrs A Marwah

Mrs C Pavey

Mrs M Reed

Mr G Sandhu

Mrs C White

Administrative Staff

Mrs K Barton
Office Manager

Mrs S Benning
Finance Manager

Mrs E Hrabe
Administrative Assistant

Premises Staff

Mr P Read
Site Manager

Mr A Amor
Assistant Site Manager

Breakfast Club Leaders

Mrs K Fidge

Mrs A Marwah

After School Club Leaders

Mrs K Fidge

Mrs C Mahoney

Mrs M Reed

Mrs S Street