Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)

‘Within our RSHE lessons, we aim to inspire and ensure all children develop an understanding of relationships and living in the wider world and are able to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.’

Mrs Webzell(PSHE/RSHE  Lead)


RSHE became a statutory part of the curriculum from September 2020. At St. Botolph’s we aim to ensure all children have the knowledge and skills they need in order to live meaningful lives as citizens of the communities to which they belong.  Here at St Botolphs, we want all children to have the knowledge and understanding of why it is important and how they can achieve it.

Through stand-alone lessons, discreet lessons and through a variety of subjects across the curriculum including Science, PE,RE and Computing, children will follow the three key areas of learning :

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the Wider World.

The Big Ideas

Within the RSHE curriculum, we focus on 5 big ideas:

Humankind : children will learn how to identify what is right and wrong and what behaviours are acceptable and the consequences of their actions. They will learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Significance : children will learn to understand what constitutes a positive healthy relationship as well as understanding what are personal boundaries. They will learn to identify people they can trust when they need help.

Changes: children will learn about the wide range of changes that they will face in their life from moving home, losing people who are close to them to the changes they will encounter with their motions as their body changes.

Materials:  children will lean how money plays an important part in their lives and the choices they may make about spending and saving. They will learn to identify commonly available substances and drugs can change their future health and safety.

Comparison:  children will learn to recognise the diversities in our community and how our differences and similarities affect us.

National Curriculum Coverage

During their time at St.Botolph’s, children will learn to how they can make good choices in their lives and the consequences their actions may have on those around them.


Skills and knowledge within the curriculum are separated into ‘milestones’. Each Milestone contains a range of descriptors that support the children’s progression within the subject. Download our ‘Milestones’ document to see the skills expected within each milestone.